TadiGuard for MRC Eclipse (All models)

Add-on a real-time watchdog and monitoring with graphic display
By adding an independent real-time data collection, display and analysis system with sophisticated alarms, errors are eliminated, historical analysis is enabled, and both historical and real-time data can be displayed.

The TadiGuard can predict and alarm on errors such as:

  • Target power

  • Gas flow

  • Pod pressure

  • Disk rotation

  • Timing

  • Target Life

  • Throttle valve

  • Temperatures

  • Wrong process

  • etc., etc., etc….

Data can be selected by lot numbers, recipes, locations, full SPC on all parameters is available, remote access and tool-to-tool, batch-to-batch comparison, etc.

Some typical screen examples:

Typical Real-time display with status mimic

Typical History display:
Pod Pressure, Voltage, Current, Date, Time, Recipe, Lot#

One lot history display with cursors and results table

Sput 1 Voltage / Current / Pod Press overlay (waterfall)

Sput 3 Voltage trend, SPC X-chart. Number of wafers: 9934

Sput 3 voltage trend: Note target changes at pre-set voltage level. Number of wafers: 9934

Sput 1 Power, W, Lot#, Recipe over 12 Hours, 373 Wafers

Sput 1 Current trend, 14796 wafers

Correlation graph of Sput1 #1 Volts Vs. Current (745 wafers).

Sput 1 Current and Voltage long-term (3 months) trend, with target changes.


Sput 2 Current and Voltage, Target change and 39 conditioning wafers


Sputter machine performance and capacity measurements: Average 33.491 wafers per hour.


Sputter Etch chamber pump-down curve.


Sputter Etch chamber measured pumping speed