The TadiGuard™ with Novellus* Concept One* CVD

The TadiGuard Process and Equipment Monitor / Analyzer / Watchdog is a perfect match when installed onto a CVD tool like the Novellus Concept One that lacks the sophistication of the TadiGuard real-time alarm and historical analysis capabilities.

The TadiGuard gives the good old ‘C1′ tool a new, contemporary look and capabilities, matching some of the newest tools in the marketplace, thereby extending its lifespan for years to come.

The Return-On-Investment of the TadiGuard is very fast. Many times, by minor modifications to the equipment or the process based on the TadiGuard analysis, an increase in the performance will pay the TadiGuard back in a few months only. Many times, only one problem detected by the TadiGuard early enough will pay back the entire investment.

1. The basic use of the TadiGuard is as a permanently installed machine and process watchdog. Immediately after the initial installation the machine is analyzed and improved by the engineers, thereby increasing its long-term performance, and thereafter the TadiGuard will monitor the machine and the process, and will inform in real-time on deviations from optimal operation. At the same time, the TadiGuard will save the collected data for historical analysis, statistics and future problem solving.

2.Another use of the TadiGuard is in process and equipment analysis. The ability to connect the TadiGuard to any available machine signal and to monitor the machine at relatively high rate enables the user to deeply analyze yield and equipment efficiency problems and point to the source of the problem faster than by any other system.

3.The TadiGuard can also be used for combined applications, where known machine deficiencies can be overcome by permanently adding the TadiGuard to the machine. An excellent example is the use of TadiGuard’s sophisticated real-time capabilities to improve end-point detection, thereby increasing yield and machine efficiency.

TadiGuard’s advantages are also in being totally objective and independent of the machine controller. The TadiGuard collects its information directly from the sensors, either the original machine sensors or by-the-users added-on sensors. As such, it is the perfect user’s tool that enables the user to collect and interpret his own data rather than being entirely dependent on the data collected by the machine controller.

TadiGuard has been able to resolve long-lasting process, yield and machine performance obstacles and problems in many applications and to avoid major costly crashes.

Here under is a number of TadiGuard screens, when used with the Novellus C1 CVD. All data shown is from production machines.

*Novellus and ‘Concept One’ are the trade names of Novellus Inc.
Other names are the trade names of their respective owners.

Typical Novellus Concept-One display in real-time and history

Zoomed in display shows more information

Zoomed in display single process