VDF, Vertical Diffusion Furnaces

( Here: Kokusai(TM)Vertron III(TM))

Add-on a real-time watchdog and monitoring with graphic display
By adding an independent real-time data collection, display and analysis system with sophisticated alarm, errors are eliminated, historical analysis is enabled, and both historical and real-time data can be displayed.

Can predict and alarm on temperature tweaking errors, wrong process, in-process heating element breakdown prediction, bad MFC, etc.

Data can be selected by lot numbers, recipes, locations, full SPC on all parameters is available, remote access and tool-to-tool, batch-to-batch comparison, etc.

Some typical screen examples:

Typical CVD Process Profile
MFC Zero-driff

Typical 15-days, 42 runs MFC zero-drift test per run with alarm limits

Temperature Overlay

47 runs upper TC temperature Overlay in Waterfall format

Temperature Drift:

Temperature drift trend and prediction

Leak detection

Temperature Distribution

Heating Element health