The TadiGuard is a fully-featured Process and Machine Analyzer / Enhancer. TadiGuard was designed to serve while being permanently installed and continuously operational with one machine each. The TadiGuard was therefore built to work independently, with all the necessary tools such as data saving, alarms and analysis tools available at all times. TadiGuard can therefore work off-line perfectly and it does not need the network for fully uninterrupted operation.


The network option

The TadiGuard network option makes possible remote TadiGuard data access, automatic backup of all data on the host computer, all standard TadiGuard analysis operation, alarms and pseudo real-time access to the machines. The network option is a ‘Plug and play’, so that any time a TadiGuard or a user are added to the system the network system will automatically register and add the newcomer to the network and can automatically upload all non backed data to the host. This ensures that the host is always fully updated.


The TadUser(TM) remote access tool

The TadUser is the TadiGuard’s remote access tool. In addition to access, it also provides several unique data extraction and analysis tools that enable extraction of data by pre-defined patterns, data overlay (time-over-time, machine-over-machine, parameter-over-parameter, etc.), data correlation (any parameter vs. any other parameter), baseline definition and comparison, and more.
For details, see: TadiGuard Product Description