TadiGuard Frequently Asked Questions

Can TadiGuard data be integrated into other applications?

All TadiGuard configuration and the data collected by the TadiGuard can be exported in the standard ASCII format or other specific format to a host computer when networked, or using a disk / zip-drive / CD-ROM. When networked, the data will be automatically uploaded to the host computer and will become available to all other applications that have access to the network.

Can TadiGuard data be imported to MS-Excel?

This is a common question that need special attention. While the answer is “Yes, easily”, it must be understood that the MS-Excel is not a match to TadiGuard when it comes to the size of the database. TadiGuard of its nature generates many more data points than the Excel can handle, thus only short time-spans can be used with Excel. On the other hand, TadiGuard some special necessary built-in tools that make the Excel redundant when it comes to data analysis.

How does the TadiGuard connect to the machines?

In order to make the TadiGuard generic, accurate, sensitive and independent of the machine controller, we at Tadin make special efforts to enable the connection of the TadiGuard as close as possible to the machine’s sensors. The TadiGuard (Using the TadiSense Remote Data Acquisition System) is connected directly to the machine sensors.

Is there a risk that the TadiGuard connection will interfere with the machine operation?

The simple answer is ‘yes’, but the chance is negligible. The TadiSense Remote Data Acquisition System is built with a very high input impedance and isolation from ground that make such influence very rare. In addition, the TadiSense can use an optical data communication link that can avoid any possible ground loop. In the case an influence is detected, Tadin and the fab people together can normally overcome such problems. This issue has never become a major problem.

How is the connection to the machine done?

In most cases simple piggy-back connectors are used. A good example is the MFC connection where Tadin can supply a piggy-back (male-female) connector with output wires for MFC command, Output (flow) and optionally valve voltage. The connection to the MFC will not take more than a few seconds to make. Similar connections are available for capacitance manometers, TC-Gauges, etc. RF Generators (RF Forward, RF Reflected, Bias, Load, Tune) have normally easy to connect analog outputs. Ion gauges can connect through their Analog (Recorder) output, etc. Tadin can supply many ready-to-use installation kits for the most common process machines.

Can TadiGuard be connected to more than one machine?

The TadiGuard was originally designed for use with one machine , but technically it can be connected to two machines. Some features may be affected. Tadin do not recommend connection to more than one machine.

Can TadiGuard readings be calibrated to read the same values as the machine reads?

Each TadiGuard channel has two calibration modes: It can be calibrated to read absolute values, based on the sensor’s absolute calibration, or it can be calibrated relative to the machine reading, when each channel is calibrated to follow the readings of the machine, even if not absolutely accurate.

Can TadiGuard be remotely accessed?

One of TadiGuard’s advantages is the fact that it is totally self-contained and independent. TadiGuard can therefore perform without the need for external databases or analytical tools.
Nevertheless, TadiGuard is normally connected to the fab’s LAN, enabling remote access from any computer and integration with other data sources.
Some special data analysis tools are available when using the TadUser(TM) TadiGuard’s remote access tool.

Can TadiGuard read work / material data (Lot, recipe, etc.)

Using Tadin’s optional SecSpy SECS passive monitor, any information that is available on the machine’s SECS line can be read by the TadiGuard and added to the TadiGuard collected data. This enables to add recipes, Lot numbers, Alarm Events, etc. to TadiGuard.

What are the special analytical tools available with TadiGuard / TadUser?

In addition to the standard TadiGuard data collection, display and analysis capabilities, the TadUser software incorporate some unique analytical tools that enable very easy data extracts, overlay, correlation, etc.

The data extraction tool enables to define a pattern (example: A single wafer process cycle), search history and extract all matching patterns (example: each wafer’s RF power graph). Once the data are extracted, a graph can be built showing trend, prediction, deviation, SPC, (X-chart, S-Chart, R-Chart, WER chart, etc.). Correlation of any two or three parameters can be displayed and calculated, the patterns can be overlaid, comparing time-to-time, chamber-to-chamber, machine-to-machine (Excellent for tool matching!). Many more analytical tools are provided or optional. There is actually no need for any external software.