Why TadiGuard?

11 (out of many more) good reasons to select TadiGuard

1.TadiGuard makes money for you

. Whenever used on any semiconductor manufacturing tool, TadiGuard saves money, pays itself within weeks and starts to make money for you. It is easy to show and to prove and it always works. TadiGuard helps the engineers to perform their work, and helps managers to improve profitability. We can guaranty return on investment in a few weeks only.
2.TadiGuard is independent. TadiGuard connects directly to the machine’s sensors. Unlike competitors that use the machine controller’s data (SECS), TadiGuard is totally independent of the machine’s controller and gives out genuine and objective information. TadiGuard can be connected to any machine, regardless of the SECS option or the LAN availability. It TadiGuard is a true user’s tool.
3. TadiGuard is generic. TadiGuard can connect to any machine without the need for special software drivers or programming. The configuration is easy and is done by the user in the field. It can be modified by the user or by Tadin’s service reps at any time.
4.TadiGuard is self-contained. All the necessary data collection, calibration, data storage, analysis and alarm settings are provided as standard. TadiGuard can work in a network, but it can also fully perform as an off-line tool. You are not dependent on the LAN, on internal or external services or on the host computer, but yet you can use them when available.
5. TadiGuard is sensitive. Because TadiGuard collects the data from the sensors, using its own data collection system, it is much more sensitive, enabling significantly earlier and faster detection of process and machine problems, long before they become costly problems.
6.TadiGuard is flexible. TadiGuard can connect to internal machine signals that are not available at the machine data port. Such signals are often critical to process and machine performance analysis and for early detection of machine deterioration and malfunctioning.
7. TadiGuard is reconfigurable. TadiGuard can be reconfigured by the user to other and additional machines. It can hold the configuration and data of up to 100 machines, and it can easily be transfered by the user from machine to machine whenever necessary.
8.TadiGuard has unique special tool. To make the TadiGuard self-contained, Tadin developed many special modules such as full calibration system, vacuum analysis, easy on-the-fly SPC tools, data extraction, overlay, correlation, event logging and sophisticated alarm system, most of which are available to the user, whether the TadiGuard is on-line or off-line.
9.Tadin knows semiconductor. Tadin is a semiconductor company. We understand process problems, machines, yields and scraps, uptime and downtime, wafer handling and gas control, RF and vacuum, High-voltage and contamination. We can give technical solutions that no software company can give. With us you can talk semi language.
10.Bi-directional relations. We are not smarter, we only are specialized. Our know-how comes mainly from our many customers world-wide. We work with customers for new developments of standard or special solutions. Listening to our customers is our present and future. We all win.
11.Service and support. Tadin sells solutions. The TadiGuard is Tadin’s front-end followed by full fab equipment and process optimization program. By buying TadiGuard you make the first connection with many years of fab process and equipment expertise. Tadin knows machines and process, and will help you connect, collect, measure, analyze and implement modifications.