TadiGuard is anIntegrated Measurement and Analysis Systemused as Process and Machine Analyzer / Enhancer for semiconductor and flat-panel manufacturing facilities (‘Fabs’). The TadiGuard is used also in numerous similar applications such as coatings, glass, biotech, metal treatment, etc.

TadiGuard helps to increase the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
and to cut the Cost of Ownership (COO), thereby

The TadiGuard helps to achieve this profitability increase by continuously monitoring the process and the machine operation, keeping it accurate and stable. The TadiGuard helps to maintain quality, yields, capacity and uptime at top performance. It connects directly to the machine’s sensors and performs independently, serving as an objective ‘second opinion’ tool, that will also detect control problems or incorrect operator settings.

The most common use of the TadiGuard is when connected permanently to one production machine. After learning the machine’s normal process and behavior, the TadiGuard monitors the machine in real-time and alerts to any deviation from normal, while using its analytical capabilities. As all the collected data are being saved, the additional historical diagnostics features can be used to analyze the machine and the process performance, diagnose, measure capacity and efficiency, etc.. In addition, all data can automatically be uploaded to a host computer via the network, making it available to all fab-level databases, analysis software and control systems.

Another use of the TadiGuard is as a portable maintenance and analysis tool. In this capacity, the TadiGuard can be connected to a variety of machines, whenever any of the machines require special attention. Among the TadiGuard capabilities are detecting intermittent malfunctions (that are very difficult and time consuming to detect otherwise), evaluating repairs and modifications, comparing performance with stored machine baseline and qualifying a machine for production.

The direct and indirect saving of lost products, test wafers, machine time, engineering work etc. and the increased product quality and capacity that are all accomplished by the use of the TadiGuard, make the initial investment in this tool very easy to justify.

The TadiGuard Connection

One of TadiGuard’s strengths is in its ability to perform independently, regardless of the machine controller or the network. Together with the sophisticated built-in monitoring, alarm and analysis capabilities, TadiGuard can help to identify and correct the majority of the process and equipment problems without the need to load the data to the host that is loaded anyhow. This is a unique advantage of the TadiGuard, and one of the arguments answering the question “Why TadiGuard?”

Another strength of the TadiGuard is the fact that while performing as a self-contained, independent tool, it can also be easily integrated into the overall fab data system. When networked, the TadiGuard automatically and continuously uploads all data to the host in a format that can be translated into any standard data format.

The TadUserTM , a remote TadiGuard browser is provided, that enables every user to access any TadiGuard on the network for immediate graphic display of the current machine status, under conditions very close to real-time. The browser enables also all standard TadiGuard graphical historical and statistical functions to be performed remotely.

TheTadiGuard Connection

Both the TadiGuard and the remote browser are fully ‘plug-and-play’. As soon as either is connected to the network, it automatically searches the network for TadiGuard applications and updates all data files. This feature guarantees that whenever the TadiGuard network connection is resumed, the TadiGuard will automatically update the host database.

The machine-data that is collected by the TadiGuard is used by the built-in TadiGuard analysis software or it can be integrated into an existing database for analysis and correlation with other machines, whether monitored by TadiGuard or by any other system.