The TadiSense is a packaged, self-contained data acquisition system, with basic front-end signal conditioning and signal processing. The TadiSense was originally developed for the TadiGuard, but it is also used as a product of its own. This self-contained packaged unit communicates with the TadiGuard or any PC using a wired or optical serial link, that allows for installation in remote, unattended locations.

The TadiSense, that was designed for industrial and commercial applications, can be used in large distributed systems or inside machines. It is especially efficient for very high-voltage or noisy environments, due to the optional optical link.
When used with Tadin’s TadiGuard Process and Machine Enhancer / Analyzer, it makes a unique and superb complete monitoring and analysis system. Typical applications are monitoring, supervising and analyzing machines, processes, environmental and climate-control systems, oil, gas, power and water plants, etc.

Basic features – Inputs / Outputs

  • Analog Inputs: Any combination from 8 differential to 16 single-ended, ±10V, 16-bit.
  • Analog channels manual or automatic gain control (X10, X100, X1000).
  • Over-voltage and ESD protection.
  • Temperature and voltage reference sensors on-board.
  • Binary Inputs: 8 fully isolated, TTL to 150 Volts AC/DC.
  • Binary Outputs: 8 fully isolated (4 relays, 4 opto-isolators) expandable to 256.
  • Frequency measurement inputs: 0.04Hz – 10MHz
  • Time interval measurement inputs: 1µSec. – 500Sec., R-R, F-F, TOn, TOff
  • Counter inputs: Up to 232 (ca. 4.3E8) counts @ up to 10MHz
  • Analog Outputs: 2 independent programmable outputs, each ±10V, 16-bit.

Sampling method
The channels are sampled at 1000 Samples per Second each. The data are then manipulated by the front-end processor and sent to the host at up to 20 Samples per Second per channel. The TadiSense built-in processor enables basic signal processing such as min, max, average.
The TadiSense communicates with its host (TadiGuard or any PC) via RS232 or RS485 serial connection using either a wired link or an optical link. A number of TadiSense units can be chained to increase the total number of channels.

A basic self-contained data acquisition software driver is provided as standard. When used with the TadiGuard, the overall system provides full data logging, alarms, analysis, trends, predictions, and all other sophisticated features available with the
TadiGuard, making it a complete state-of-the-art system.