Vacuum Measurement and Analysis

Tadin has gained extensive experience in vacuum technology, measurements and analysis. The TadiGuard and the TadiVac use unique and powerful built-in vacuum analysis tools that can accurately measure leak-rates, outgassing, net pumping-speed and throughput, volume and flows.

The TadiVac and the TadiGuard are excellent tools for the manufacturing of vacuum systems and semiconductor equipment. They can be used on the production floor to test components and subsystems, for quality assurance and for final tests, keeping full record of all the tests.
Full data analysis is available with SPC tools.

As all data is saved with lot numbers, machine number etc., a baseline for every machine can be recorded and full tracking of machines becomes available.

If TadiGuard is permanently installed, the performance of the vacuum system can always be checked in real-time and compared to the baseline, while the maintenance work becomes more efficient and economical.

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